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Mid Missouri Window Cleaning provides our customers with insurance protection that is second to none. We carry  $1,000,000 Liability Insurance, Workman's compensation, and we are Bonded.

If your window cleaner uses any of these tools, make sure he has workers compensation insurance

The number one tool for causing accidents is ladders.

There are more accidents using ladders
than using high rise equipment.


I want everyone to know about the great service we provide, but just as importantly, I want to caution everyone in that whomever you choose to provide service at your business or residence, that you make sure the contractor is properly insured. There are many service companies out there, who may seem to be professional, and will make the claim that they are fully insured, but fail to comply with insurance requirements for customers’ safety, especially when it comes to Workers Compensation Insurance.  

Did you know it is possible for a home owner, or business owner, to be sued by an employee of a service company, if that worker is injured on your property?  If he or she is doing work for you, such as window cleaning, you may be liable for medical bills, lost time, pain and suffering, etc. just because the window cleaning or power washing company or individual did not have workers compensation insurance on his workers. That is why it is very important that you make sure your service provider carries at least one million dollars in Liability Insurance and also carries Workmans Compensation Insurance to cover their employees in case of an accident. We, at Mid Missouri Window Cleaning Co. LLC, keep full coverage insurance which includes Liability, Workmans Comp., and we are bonded. We carry this insurance for the best interest of everyone, because we know an accident can happen to anyone at any time. So, again we encourage you to make sure whoever you have do work for you on your property, that they provide a certificate of insurance, including Workmans Compensation.  You’ll feel better that you did. It's just good business.

If you hear excuses from window cleaning and power washing companies or contractors such as:

  1. We are not required by law to carry workers comp. insurance.

  2. We are self insured, or

  3. We are fully insured but cannot show you proof of workers comp.

Then call Mid Missouri Window Cleaning Company
(263-0338 or 1-800-876-0338)

We will provide Proof of Insurance from our insurance agent upon request. We love it when you ask.

Mid Missouri Window Cleaning Company LLC - The Original Since 1983 - Rick Kadletz - insured - workers comp - bonded
Rick Kadletz. 800-876-0338.
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